About Us

Representing and promoting independent schools in Scotland

SCIS is an educational charity representing over 70 member schools, which educate more than 31,000 children of mixed abilities and diverse backgrounds.

SCIS promotes choice, diversity and excellence in Scottish education:


  • to provide information, advice and guidance to parents
  • to advance education via curriculum development and the training of teachers
  • to advise member schools and their governing bodies about educational developments and legislation affecting independent schools (e.g. education, taxation, welfare, health and safety)
  • to communicate and negotiate with the Scottish Parliament, the Government, public and private bodies on behalf of the independent sector


  • to provide a professional service to member schools that is supportive, relevant and of high quality
  • to represent and promote the interests of the independent school sector
  • to enable the sector to make a worthwhile contribution to the development of education in Scotland

About SCIS