Pupil Numbers

Pupil numbers and demographic trends

SCIS Schools2010 2011201220132014
Total Number of Pupils 31,540 31,425 31,358 31,146 30,687
Total Number of Day Pupils 27,885 27,850 27,862 27,705 27,312
Total Number of Boarding Pupils 3,655 3,575 3,496 3,441 3,375


As at 2 September 2014 there were 30,687 pupils in 70 independent schools in membership of SCIS. 1,449 children are in nurseries, 10,777 pupils are in primary schools and 18,461 are in senior schools. This means that the independent sector educates 4.4% of the school age population in Scotland and  is equivalent in size to the 7th largest local authority. 

Over the past decade pupil numbers have remained stable despite the continuing economic and political challenges for the sector.  Independent Schools will provide at least £45 million in financial assistance to widen acess and increase of over £8million since last year.  The majority of this sum will be means-tested, covering up to 100% of school fees and charges. 

This year almost a quarter of pupils attending an independent school in Scotland will receive some form of fee assistance.