All-round Education

Independent schools offer an all-round, quality education

Independent schools enjoy a reputation for excellence, providing a broad curriculum, consistently good exam results, a positive learning environment and a wealth of co-curricular activities.

Being independent gives each school the freedom to provide the best possible education for the benefit of its pupils. Consequently, many schools have developed individual strengths which complement the excellence that is the hallmark of the sector. Each school appoints its own staff, develops its own policies and enjoys the flexibility to adapt to changing circumstances - overseen by an autonomous Governing Board. While independent schools are not under the management of an education authority, all schools in membership of SCIS are registered with the Scottish Government Schools Directorate Registrar of Independent Schools, are subject to inspection by Her Majesty's Inspectors (now part of Education Scotland) and the Care Inspectorate.

A Purposeful Learning Environment

A purposeful learning environment, which enables pupils of all abilities to progress without disruption, is part of the ethos at independent schools. Pupils are engaged and motivated and want to do well. Additionally, the pupil/teacher ratio in independent schools tends to be small which means that pupils receive more individual attention. The schools also have the freedom to offer varied qualifications over a wide range of subjects, to meet pupils' diverse abilities. It is the combination of motivated pupils and high teaching standards in independent schools that produces excellent exam results year after year, with around half of all pupils achieving grade A. The reward for pupils' hard work throughout their school life is a passport to a career of their choice.

Facilities and Learning Resources

Facilities and learning resources at independent schools match the expectations of today's pupils and parents. Each school enjoys the freedom and flexibility to budget for and provide the most appropriate resources to enhance the learning experience of its pupils.

In recent years, many of Scotland's independent schools have invested in sports centres, performing arts venues, new junior school accommodation and boarding houses. In addition to benefiting pupils, the facilities are usually made available to local community groups at evenings, weekends and holiday periods.

Quality Education