Meeting the Cost

Investing in your child's education may cost less than you think

You understand the value of an independent school education, but you're wondering whether or not you can afford it. Families use a variety of methods to pay for an independent school education. Some pay in one lump sum. Others spread costs over multiple months by direct debit. Some grandparents or other family members may also contribute to fees.
Schools are sensitive to the sacrifices that many parents make in order to afford school fees. All schools provide some level of fee assistance, usually awarded on the basis of financial need. This is done to enable children from lower income households, who otherwise would not have the opportunity of an independent education, to benefit, and schools welcome applications for fee assistance.
It is not just senior schools that offer assistance: some Junior Schools also offer support, although this is often limited to Primary 7 pupils.

In 2014-15, Scotland's independent schools are giving £45 million in financial assistance to widen access

Applying for Fee Assistance

You need to enquire about fee assistance about a year before you hope to enrol in the school. Schools will want to know about all your financial circumstances, not just your take-home pay so be prepared to fill in detailed forms providing evidence of need. Each case will be looked at individually, and schools will take into account pensions, investments, the value of your property, rent or mortgage paid as well as assets and liabilities.
Your child will also have to meet the school's normal entry requirements. They do not have to be of the academic standard required to win a scholarship, but they may be assessed to ensure they have the ability to make solid academic progress.
Schools only have a finite amount of funding available and therefore not all applicants will be successful.

Most schools' websites and admissions materials will offer a comprehensive guide to their financial assistance process.

Educational Grants & Charitable Trusts

There are a number of  Educational and Charitable Trusts that will consider providing fee assistance.  The Educational Grants Advice Service offers information and advice on finding fee assistance.  

The Educational Grants Advice Service call 01932 865619 or email

For boarding enquiries visit:

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Meeting the Cost