Sport and Physical Education

Sport, physical education and exercise

Sports provision varies from one school to another although all independent schools share a common goal - to stimulate and encourage pupils, regardless of their physical abilities, to participate in sports and recreational activities they can enjoy and share with their friends, both while at school and throughout their lives.

Proportion of time spent on sport at independent schools is high

The proportion of time spent on sports and physical activities in Scotland's independent schools is high by any standards and the benefits to pupils are clear - health and fitness, team spirit, personal challenge and enjoyment. In addition to traditional sports such as athletics, cricket, hockey, netball, rugby, swimming and tennis, schools offer other sports such as badminton, basketball, body-conditioning, climbing, dance of various kinds, cross-country running, fencing, football, golf, hip-hop, judo, salsa and squash.

Committed PE teachers and specialist coaches

Through the efforts and commitment of PE teachers and specialist coaches, independent schools enjoy continuing success with pupils representing their school, their region and their country in many sports. Some schools have also developed their own academies for specifics sports such as golf and tennis. Most schools have a busy schedule of sporting events and fixtures, taking place on Saturdays throughout the school year.   

Investment in sports facilities which benefit pupils and the wider community

Given the emphasis on sport and recreation, it's no surprise that many independent schools have invested in state-of-the-art games halls, gyms, fitness suites, dance studios, sports pitches, tennis courts and swimming pools which not only benefit pupils but are also available to community groups at evenings, weekends and holidays periods.