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Course Date

January 24, 2019

Course Cost


Coffee & Registration from 9.30 am

Course Time

10:00 - 15:30


Radisson Blu

80 High Street,
The Royal Mile

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Cancellation and refund policy

  • Cancellations must be advised in writing/email 6 working days prior to the event.
  • We welcome substitute delegates attending in your place at no additional cost.
  • A refund will not be granted if a registrant fails to attend or cancels within 6 working days prior to the event.
  • For residential courses cancellation must be advised 28 days prior to the event.

Course Description

We are delighted to welcome Live-N-Learn to deliver what promises to be a fun, relaxed and engaging workshop.  Live-N-Learn have worked with 1,000s of schools across Europe and their programmes are embedded in many Scottish schools.  Further information about Live-N-Learn can be found via their website -

Course outcomes:

The day will look at how ‘Mindsets’ unfold in the classroom and what we can do to influence young people’s attitude towards their abilities and capacity for growth. Reviewing Dr Carol Dweck’s most recent research on Mindsets, we look at key strategies to changing attitudes, establishing a growth mindset culture & creating the right climate to learn. Delegates reflect upon their own mindset, the language they use and how our own expectation & attitude towards natural talent can impact on young people’s achievement. We reflect on the myths and misconceptions commonly seen in schools, such as simply judging and labelling others & ourselves or where false praise is offered up without proper focus on the outcome. Fixed or Growth? This one or the other mentality offers no movement or recognition of the self-talk required to change. Effort & hard work are also touted as the hallmark of a growth mindset, this in itself will not suffice for improvement so we look at what other traits that the growth mindset is looking to establish.

 Topics covered will include:

  • Confidence & Personal Responsibility
  • Flexible Mindsets & ‘self-talk’
  • Our ‘Mindsets in Action’
  • Room 101: Mindset Myths
  • Process Praise
  • Zoom: Perspective & Collective Responsibility
  • Our Fantastic, Elastic Brain
  • Cloudhopping: Grasping Opportunities

Please register as soon as possible and by Friday 18 January at the latest.

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