SCIS Coaching Diploma - 1 place left

with the option of GTCS Professional Recognition Wednesday 28th September 2016

Location: Radisson Blu Hotel, 80 High Street (Royal Mile) Edinburgh EH1 1TH (location map)
Date:   28/09/2016
Course timings:   10 a.m. - 3.30 p.m. including lunch. Registration & Coffee from 9.30 a.m.
Cost:   £120 PER DAY (4 days)

We are delighted to be offering a Coaching Diploma which has been accredited by the GTCS for Professional Recognition.  

Recent research by national bodies (Scottish Government and GTCS) has highlighted a desire to build coaching capacity in schools. This research is confirmed by feedback from participants on previous SCIS one-day coaching events. 

The 4-day programme draws upon the work of “Success Intelligence”, a method devised by world leaders Robert Holden (author of Success Intelligence) and Ben Renshaw (author of Supercoaching).  In addition to attendance and participation during the days, participants will have the opportunity to engage in: 

  • Coaching practice between taught sessions, with co-coach taking forward elements of the taught programme
  • Reflective practice on coaching approaches  – personal and professional
  • Reflective learning via a journal capturing impact of research and literature, taught days, co-coaching and other coaching interactions and approaches
  • Professional reading

 Colleagues wishing to submit for Professional Recognition will be required to submit a final reflective assignment – up to 4 months after final session of the programme. 

The Coaching Diploma is underpinned by the following aims: 

  • To develop essential skills for non-directive coaching
  • To explore the application of non-directive coaching as a tool for enhancing personal the development,  as well as the development of staff and peers
  • To assess and understand the impact of coaching upon performance
  • To identify strengths and development areas for personal leadership styles 

The Diploma will be led by accredited Coaching Providers. 

 Please register as soon as possible and by Friday 16 September at the latest.  Participants will be automatically registered on all 4 days.

Please note that by registering, you will be automatically booked for all 4 days including the following:

Wed 30 November
Thursday 2 February
Friday 28 April.

Registration closed

 1 place left on this course due to cancellation

*  Please note that participants should have engaged in previous professional learning and have some experience of using coaching skills and techniques.  Annually, SCIS provide a number of one-day coaching events which provide a good foundation for the Diploma.