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Course Date

January 18, 2020

Course Cost

£75.00 Half day

Registration & refreshments from 9.15am, lunch included

Course Time

09:30 - 12:30


Radisson Blu Hotel

80 High Street
Royal Mile

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Course Description

Empower Children’s Creativity: Small World Play incorporating Fabric Work

This half-day workshop will be led by Alice Sharp, Managing Director of Experiential Play -  Alice has led workshops for SCIS in the past and these are always well-received and highly rated. 

Small world is an area of play where children can become lost, can create from anything and everything. 

Through their natural curiosity and by providing them with a wide variety of activities and experiences in play, children begin to develop a range of skills and concepts including observation, experimentation and free exploration of their surroundings. 

Various fabrics can enhance and reflect your small world area.  An example of sparkly fabric could be wands and wizards or crowns and unicorn horns.  A sandy coloured piece of material could hold some shells and pebbles while you wrap or hide some small fish and sea creatures.  The possibilities are endless!

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