Public Bodies

Contribution to educational developments

As an educational charity, a key aim of the Scottish Council of Independent Schools is to advance and support education. To this end, SCIS liaises with Government departments, public bodies and educational groups, making an active contribution to curriculum development, the training of teachers and the development of teaching skills.

SCIS staff and subject specialists in many member schools serve on education committees and organise national conferences for the benefit of teachers in both local authority and independent schools. Many teachers in independent senior schools work as markers for the SQA public exam system. In these and other ways, the independent school sector in Scotland shares experience and expertise, to advance education.

SCIS also commissions projects, undertakes research and shares information about the independent school sector. SCIS publications, written for member schools, such as guideance on Child Protection and Accessibility, are freely available to colleagues in other schools. Equally, the SCIS CPD programme is open to staff in non-member schools.