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Finance Manager

International School of Aberdeen , City of Aberdeen

Vacancy details

Please apply before 06/01/2020 at 5:00 pm

Pitfodels House
North Deeside Road
Pitfodels, Cults, Aberdeen, AB15 9PN

Lesley Blackstock
Finance Manager

01224 730300

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Vacancy Description / Summary

An exciting opportunity has just come up in Aberdeen. The Finance Manager at The International School Aberdeen is retiring on the last day of school, 10th June 2020 and they are looking to find a replacement commencing March/April 2020.

The school, formerly known as The American School was first established in the 1970's with the discovery of oil in the North Sea. Since then it has flourished and grown, with enrolment at more than 470 students from 3 to 18 years old. It changed name to The International School Aberdeen in 1980 as the range of students became far more diverse, with more than 35 nationalities represented in the school role.

The school is locally and international recognised for excellence in education, offering IGCSE's and The International Baccalaureate Programme, as well as an array of additional programmes such as Dutch and French CNED. The campus was built in 2010 and provides state of the art facilities with it's own pool, theatre and sports facilities. The vision of the school is to allow every student to reach his or her maximum potential by providing excellence in education and exceptional care for every child. The environment in the school embraces cultural diversity and recognises that each student is unique.

The role of Finance Manager is to assist the Head of School in:
- Managing the financial affairs of the School, including the complete accounting function within the parameters established by the Board of Trustees and the Policies of the Board.
- Maintaining ongoing supervision of the buildings, grounds and maintenance to assure expected functioning and appearance of the plant and equipment.
- Directing the purchasing activity in a business-like way to provide supplies and equipment necessary for the functioning of the School.
- Assuming responsibility for budget development and long-range financial planning.

For full details please refer to the ISA Web Site where you will find a copy of the Job description. Excellent salary and benefits package.

About the School

EVERY CHILD. EVERY OPPORTUNITY. ISA's mission promises to deliver excellence in education through a safe and caring learning environment. The Council of International Schools (CIS, the main international accreditation agency) described ISA as "a school full of smiles and friendly faces", while also recognising the School as "an excellent educational institution", commending ISA for "the quality of teaching and learning throughout the School". ISA believes in excellence for each and every child, that through regular contact with parents, every child can achieve his or her best.