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Teacher (Primary and Secondary, ASN)

Ardfern school, Renfrewshire

Vacancy details

Please apply before 31/07/2019 at 12:00 pm

Unit 1 Block 1, Lomond Industrial Estate, Duncryne Road, Alexandria, G830TL

Andrew Telford
Operations Manager


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Vacancy Description / Summary

We are always on the lookout for enthusiastic staff who would like the opportunity to make a real difference in the education and lives of their pupils. Ardfern School has created a deliberately alternative setting to deliver quality education to young people whom have struggled in mainstream schools.

With small class numbers, and access to resources, successful candidates will be encouraged and supported to lead their own subject area, as well as engage in cross curricular opportunities throughout the school year. Being situated conveniently in the centre of the community, the opportunities for public and outdoor learning are endless.

We look forward to meeting energetic and passionate teachers with a desire to engage a diverse group of pupils whom find it difficult in a conventional setting. There is a responsibility for the post holder to demonstrate a commitment to quality service delivery through continuous improvement for the benefit of the young people at the heart of the organisation.

About the School

Ardfern School is based in Johnstone and Alexandria with a total school capacity of 60 pupils (maximum of 30 per centre) and provides a curriculum that offers a broad general educational which takes account of the need for flexibility to motivate and encourage pupils to develop to their fullest potential as set out in A Curriculum for Excellence.

The education programmes at Ardfern School are aimed at pupils who have previously had issues in school due to behavioural and/or academic difficulties, where their education may have been disrupted by periods of exclusion and/or other factors. Ardfern School has provision and expertise in educating pupils with Autism. Ardfern School works with pupils in the P4- P7 and S1 to S5 range.