Ardfern School


  • Ages: 8 - 17
  • Type: Special Needs School, Co-educational
  • Headteacher Mrs Patricia MacLeod
  • Pupils
    • Total Number of Pupils: 44
    • Number of Day Pupils: 44
    • Number of Residental Pupils 0
  • Number of Placement Weeks Offered: 39 weeks
  • Reasons for support for young people: Learning disability, Dyslexia, Specific learning difficulty (e.g. numeric), Moderate learning difficulty, Visual impairment, Hearing impairment, Physical or motor impairment, Language or speech disorder, Autistic spectrum disorder, Social emotional and behavioural difficulty, Physical health problem, Mental health problem, Interrupted learning, Looked after
  • Website: http://http//
  • Brief description: Ardfern School is based in Johnstone and Alexandria with a total school capacity of 60 pupils (maximum of 30 per centre) and provides a curriculum that offers a broad general educational which takes account of the need for flexibility to motivate and encourage pupils to develop to their fullest potential as set out in A Curriculum for Excellence.
    The education programmes at Ardfern School are aimed at pupils who have previously had issues in school due to behavioural and/or academic difficulties, where their education may have been disrupted by periods of exclusion and/or other factors. Ardfern School has provision and expertise in educating pupils with Autism. Ardfern School works with pupils in the P4- P7 and S1 to S5 range.

Contact Details:
Units C-F Floors St

Telephone: 01505 331 898