Dunedin School

City of Edinburgh

  • Ages: 11 - 18
  • Type: Special Needs School, Co-educational
  • School Administrator Mrs Rosie Galloway
  • Pupils
    • Total Number of Pupils: 21
    • Number of Day Pupils: 21
    • Number of Residental Pupils 0
  • Number of Placement Weeks Offered: , 35 weeks
  • Reasons for support for young people: Dyslexia, Autistic spectrum disorder, Mental health problem, Interrupted learning
  • Website: http://www.dunedin.edin.sch.uk
  • Brief description: Dunedin is a second chance school for young people who have not been successful in more mainstream education. It caters for the individual pupil and offers a flexible educational experience. Many of our pupils are referred to us for social and emotional reasons. Our aim is to help them once again access and enjoy education and to help them achieve qualifications.

Contact Details:
Liberton Bank House,
5, Nether Liberton Lane,
EH16 5TY

Telephone: 0131 672 2638

Email: staff@dunedin.edin.sch.uk