Newlands Junior College

City of Glasgow

  • Ages: 13 - 16
  • Type: Coeducational School
  • Principal Mr Iain White
  • Pupils:
    • Total Number of Pupils: 45
    • Number of Day Pupils: 45
    • Number of Nursery Pupils: 0
    • Number of Boarding Pupils: 0
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  • Twitter: www/
  • Brief Description: Newlands Junior College exists to help young people who are disengaged from education to make a success of their lives and contribute to society. Normal school has not inspired them. They become demotivated and likely to fail. NJC has been specifically designed with these young people in mind. Its intensive individual support, emphasis on personal development, strongly vocational curriculum and 100% positive destinations for Graduates provide a different experience to re-engage them, nurture the talent within them and set them on the road to success. NJC is not for everyone: it provides for a very specific group of students who are nominated by local secondary schools. Students who are offered a fully funded scholarship have successfully completed a selection programme.

Contact Details:
6 Inverlair Avenue Glasgow G43 2HS

Telephone: 0141 212 4477