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Event Date

January 17, 2022

Event Cost

£400.00 For the full Programme

Event Time

18:30 - 20:30


Hosted virtually by SCIS

1 St Colme St,

To register for the waiting list, please email

Cancellation and refund policy

  • Cancellations must be advised by email 5 working days prior to the event.
  • A refund will not be granted if a registrant fails to attend or cancels within 5 working days prior to the event.
  • We welcome substitute delegates attending in your place at no additional cost.

Event Description

For new, experienced and ambitious Senior Leaders in Junior and Senior Schools

We are delighted to launch the pilot of our senior leadership programme in partnership with Gareth Johnson – founder and CEO of GRJ Education

The Programme consists of 5 x digital modules:

Digital Modules:  Indicative Content

Module one (Monday January 17th 2022, 18.30-20.30): Motivational Leadership

Participants can expect to

  • Engage with the why? how? what? of everything from the outset
  • Agree, challenge and add to the views of the GRJ Education team on the “why? how? what? of motivational leadership”
  • Take part in a “motivational communication” breakout group exercise, observed and critiqued by the GRJ Education team.

Module two (Monday February 21st 2022 18.30-20.30): Values, Vision, Strategy (VVS)

Participants can expect to

  • Reference all discussion to the views of three leading UK and SCIS Heads/Rectors regarding the “why? how? what? of VVS”
  • Discuss the importance of linkage between VVS and whole school alignment (or not), and the role of Senior Leaders in its support, ownership and implementation
  • Take part in a VVS breakout group exercise which potentially challenges all the above, supported by the GRJ Education team.

Module three (Monday March 21st/28th 2022 18.30-20.30): Collaborative problem-solving – leading crisis management

Participants can expect to

  • Reflect on the key outcomes and “takeaways” from module one
  • Take part in an (unseen) “crisis management” breakout group exercise, which unfolds in real time
  • Receive support and detailed feedback on the outcomes of the exercise from the GRJ Education team.

 Module four (Monday April 25th 2022 18.30-20.30): Leading strategy and implementing successful change

Participants can expect to

  • Reflect on the key outcomes and “takeaways” from module two
  • Understand accountability to Governance, Quality Indicators and Risk Management
  • Take part in a pure strategic planning breakout group exercise about prioritisation, implementation and evaluation, supported by the GRJ Education team.

Module five (Monday May 23rd 2022 18.30-20.30): What next…? Is it Headship, or something else?

Participants can expect to

  • Select their preferred choice from the various options for the next potential stage of their career (Senior Headship/Junior Headship/external SLT promotion/status quo/…)
  • For promotion: (prepare before the module and) engage in a live interview breakout exercise with UK and sector Heads/Rectors and International School Heads with immediate Head/Rector & peer feedback and follow-up support from the GRJ Education team
  • For status quo: discuss all possible (internal & external) opportunities via an extended breakout group session, led by the GRJ Education team.

 **NB Colleagues registering for the first module will automatically be registered on the remaining ones**

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