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Deputy Head Secondary

Al-Qalam Primary & High School, City of Glasgow

Vacancy details

Please apply before 11/06/2021 at 11:55 pm

159 Nithsdale Road, Glasgow, G41 5QS

A Morgan
Head of Learning & Teaching


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Vacancy Description / Summary

We are looking for an experienced (10years+), motivated, individual with an excellent track record in school management or leading subject department with strong interpersonal and leadership skills.

An individual with the ability to develop and lead and support us with our commitment to develop and deliver a high quality learning environment ensuring that all pupils achieve their full potential.

You will be responsible to continue to build our secondary school education services. You must have relevant experience in secondary school including subject head and experience with Scottish and English qualification frameworks.

Glasgow has renowned universities and have students from across the globe, especially from Middle East. Parents are looking for schools to offer qualifications that are aligned with their countries of residences back home. Al-Qalam school is moving to a new building with tremendous potential for delivering high school education to both local and international students. You must have experience or willing to work in building a framework which supports both Scottish and English Qualification.

You must have experience of working at schools that share similar principles as Al-Qalam.
Your direct line manager will be the Head of Learning & Teaching.
Al-Qalam is a great place to work for and is constantly looking for innovative approaches to deliver education. Our staff maintain an excellent professional relationship, and any successful candidate will feel welcome and at ease.

If you are looking for a challenging role email us to request an application form.

Attn: A Morgan
Start Date: 1st August 2021
Location: 10 Ben Nevis Road Paisley PA2 7LA, Scotland

About the School

An Independent School delivering primary and secondary education based on Scottish Curriculum for Excellence with Islamic Education.

Qalam Academy aims to provide educational excellence at all levels within a safe and secure Islamic environment for all. We aim to ensure pupils develop a broad knowledge and understanding of areas of excellence.

The school uses innovative technology to ensure effective collaboration. Since its inception, the school has developed a methodology around Scottish Curriculum for Excellence and uses collaborative tools allowing network schools to share good practices.

The school is keen to innovate its learning and teaching experiences.