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What to expect from independent school nurseries in Scotland

It’s never too early to think about your child’s education. If you’re considering an independent education for your child, you might be interested to hear about independent school nurseries in Scotland. 

Here we’ve answered some of your questions about independent nurseries, dispelled some myths and explained a bit more about what you can expect… 

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How an independent education can help your child find their niche

Whether it’s a love of a specific subject, a sport your child never tires of playing or an extra-curricular activity they could spend all day doing, independent schools allow children to explore their minds and abilities and find something that will get them jumping out of bed in the morning. 

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Independent school application process – top tips from our expert

We spoke to Jo Easton, Director of External Relations at George Heriot’s, to get her advice and expertise for those looking to apply to an independent school. Read our blog for all of her tips.

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The benefits of teaching in the independent sector

As Warden at Glenalmond College, Elaine Logan knows first-hand the benefits of teaching at an independent school.

We spoke to Elaine to find out all about her career in the independent sector, read what she had to say in our blog.

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The independent school fee assistance application process in Scotland

Scottish independent schools are much more easily accessible than people expect, thanks to school fee assistance. For more information on independent school fee assistance applications check out our blog.

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How Scotland's independent sector is different

Scotland’s independent schools each have their own values, but they all have one thing in common – they all contribute to making the independent sector in Scotland stand out. Find out more in our blog. 

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The top extra-curricular opportunities on offer in Scotland’s independent schools

Scotland’s independent schools offer a varied choice of extra-curricular opportunities for their students to experience to help curious minds wander and uncover previously hidden talents. Find out about the top extra-curricular activities on offer in our blog. 

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5 ways the independent sector positively impacts the Scottish economy

Commissioned in 2016, our economic impact report revealed a number of key areas in which SCIS schools positively impact the economy in Scotland. Find out more in our blog. 

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What to expect at an independent school open day

For those considering an independent education for their child, attending open days at potential schools is a must. All Scottish independent school open days are coming up between now and mid-November, so it is a good opportunity to visit a number of schools to view their facilities and meet the teachers and students.

Find out how to get the most out of an open day in our latest blog.

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Why independent school parents are vital to the sector’s success

Engaged independent school parents are passionate, not only about the success of their own children, but also that of the whole school. This creates a real sense of community with shared values.

There are a number of opportunities for parents to get involved with their child's school, in this blog we review some of them.

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What is the Barclay Review and how does it impact independent education in Scotland?

You’ve probably seen quite a lot in the news recently about the Barclay Review and its potential impact on Scotland’s independent sector. A lot of the reporting is quite speculative and not entirely accurate. As a result, we get lots of questions and enquiries about what the implications of the Review actually are - read our latest blog to find out.

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Can I afford to send my child to private school?

We recently spoke to Glasgow-based parent, Julie Neill, about why she chose to send her daughter to an independent school in Glasgow. Here she answers the question she asked herself at the beginning of her school search: Can I afford to send my child to private school? Read Julie's blog to hear her views.

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Scotland’s independent schools excelling in languages as SQA results revealed

As SQA exam results are released, data from the Scottish Council of Independent Schools (SCIS) reveals that 68% of pupils studying foreign languages have achieved a Higher grade A.

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Boarding schools in Scotland: A myth buster for international parents

Thousands of international boarding pupils come to Scotland from over 50 nations, but why aren’t more international parents sending their children to study in Scotland? At SCIS, we conducted some research among international parents to discover just that and we were surprised to discover there are a number of myths surrounding Scotland. 

In this blog, we look to dispel those myths which may be deterring parents from sending their children to study here.

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The Independent School Curriculum explained

We get lots of phone calls and emails from parents who are thinking of sending their child to an independent school but want to know more about the independent school curriculum first. Because independent schools do not rely on state funding, they have more flexibility when it comes to what they teach.

In this blog, we take a look at what Scotland’s independent school curriculum looks like and the benefits it gives your child.

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Why I chose to send my daughter to an independent school

Julie Neill, like any parent, wants the best for her child. Up until 6th year, Julie’s daughter happily attended a local school in Glasgow, but unfortunately the school did not offer the advanced higher subjects she wanted to study. Because of a recommendation, her daughter now attends The High School of Glasgow and is completing her education at an independent school.

We sat down with Julie to get her thoughts on the independent education sector in Scotland.

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