Corseford School


  • Ages: 4 - 18
  • Type: Special Needs School
  • Lead Professional for Education Mr Jim McCaffrey
  • Pupils
    • Total Number of Pupils: 20
    • Number of Day Pupils: 20
    • Number of Residental Pupils 0
  • Number of Placement Weeks Offered: 39 weeks
  • Reasons for support for young people: Learning disability, Physical or motor impairment, Language or speech disorder
  • Website:
  • Brief description: Each child at Corseford, follows an individualised programme, tailored to their specific needs which consists of education, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, and health care as required. The programme is based on the child's Single Plan and as such includes annual education and therapy outcomes. Parents are fully consulted on drafting the child's single plan and are encouraged and supported to discuss the plan with their son or daughter. The school has primary, secondary and senior phase departments and children move through the school with an appropriate peer group. The balance of the curriculum changes as pupils move through the school in response to their changing needs and in line with the wellbeing indicators of Getting it Right for Every Child.

Contact Details:
Milliken Park, Howwood Road, Kilbarchan, PA10 2NT

Telephone: 01505 702141