The Mary Erskine School

City of Edinburgh

  • Ages: 12 - 18
  • Type: Coeducational (6th Year Only), Girls` School, School with Boarding, Senior School
  • Principal Mr J N David Gray
  • Pupils:
    • Total Number of Pupils: 734
    • Number of Day Pupils: 718
    • Number of Nursery Pupils: 0
    • Number of Boarding Pupils: 16
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  • Brief Description: As one of the oldest girls’ schools in the UK, we understand the distinctive needs of girls. Our unique diamond structure means that Junior School children and Sixth Form students benefit from a fully co-educational approach to learning while at secondary level girls are able to thrive in a single-sex learning environment. Throughout, however, the girls participate in outdoor education, music, creative projects and social activities with the boys of Stewart’s Melville College.

    Girls thrive in an environment of academic excellence and are offered an exceptional range of subjects in the sciences, humanities, languages, expressive arts and more. They experience unrivalled opportunities to challenge and express themselves and the girls emerge positive, articulate and responsible citizens.

Contact Details:
Ravelston Dykes Road Edinburgh EH4 3NT

Telephone: 0131 347 5700