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Press Releases & Statements

Friday 19 January:

SCIS full response to article and poll in "The Times"

“The poll results will make depressing reading for the schools that have worked so hard for over 10 years to pass a test of their public benefit and widen access, something no other group of charities has done.  There is clearly much more work for the sector, and the charity regulator, to do in showing how much is being done – at the direct behest of the Parliament.
The results are perhaps less surprising given the nature of the recent public debate, with coverage of schools’ work using phrases like “swindle”, separating “precious offspring from the masses”, “obscene” and “insidious”.  It is a disgrace that the best intentions and choices of one group of teachers, families, pupils and schools can be portrayed in such a sweeping,  false and dismissive way.  No other group would be expected to tolerate it.
It is for policy-makers, and fair-weather critics, to explain to the public exactly what the implications of complete removal of charitable status would mean for Scottish education, the public purse and other charitable bodies.  In the meantime, we will get on with delivering the best possible education to young people from Scotland and beyond.”


"For mainstream schools the announcement today is, pure and simple, a backwards step by the Scottish Government – taken against advice and evidence from many quarters.  Rates relief - rejected both in principle and in substance by today’s announcement - is part and parcel of a unique public benefit test that was created unanimously by the Scottish Parliament and focussed specifically at independent schools.  The changes schools have made since 2006 to merit that relief amount to more than £200 million alone in means-tested fee assistance to Scottish pupils, alongside very extensive facilities, resources and staff provision for communities, public bodies, and state schools...." read more

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August & September 2017 - SCIS letters to Cabinet Secretary on Barclay Review of Business Rates 

"In advance of the Scottish Government forming its response to the recent Review of Business Rates, the schools and staff in the independent sector are very concerned that the Report contains some fundamental misunderstandings and discrepancies.  We would welcome the opportunity to address these with you and your staff at the first opportunity, as they form the premise for proposals which would – through unintended consequences - have a significant detrimental effect on the sector and the educational profile of Scotland as a whole.  On this issue, as in all others facing Scotland’s schools, teachers and young people, the independent sector is determined to work together to be part of any solution, alongside partners in government, parliament, education bodies, regulators and beyond." Read more - August September

October 2017 - SCIS response to Sunday Herald "swindle" article  

SCIS made this response to an article in the Sunday Herald of 15 October - the headline of which was changed online subsequently.  Original article / SCIS response.

Tuesday 22 August: Response to Barclay Review of Non-Domestic Rates

“The findings of the Barclay Review run completely contrary to the charity test the Scottish Parliament required all schools to undertake; would put Scottish education at a competitive disadvantage in the UK and globally; would substantially impact the work schools can do on offering bursaries and other community provision; and would set independent schools aside from all other charities - for no sound legal, political, educational or economic reason.  Most of all, for a rates review, they would most likely cost the Scottish taxpayer and Government more than they seek to raise.”  Read More...

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Thursday 28 April 2016: Economic Impact of SCIS Member Schools on the Scottish Economy

The report by Biggar Economics will highlight the fact that independent schools in Scotland generated £455.7 million Gross Value Added for the Scottish Economy in 2015 and supported over 10,500 jobs. The report also details the wider assistance to communities that schools provide through facilities and educational opportunities. Read More

Wednesday 7 September: SCIS Exam Results

SCIS exam candidates have achieved top grades in this year’s exam results with 1 in 6  candidates at a SCIS School achieving three or more A grades at Higher.

  • This year’s results from SCIS schools show that 68% of National 5 entries were awarded an A grade (36.5% nationally)
  • 92.3% of candidates in a SCIS school sitting Higher achieved a pass of which 55.3% achieved A grade
  • 93% of Advanced Higher entries from a SCIS school achieved a pass of which 53.3% gained an A grade

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