Stanmore House School

South Lanarkshire

  • Ages: 5 - 18
  • Type: Special Needs School
  • Principal Ms Michelle Skinner
  • Pupils
    • Total Number of Pupils: 17
    • Number of Day Pupils: 8
    • Number of Residental Pupils 9
  • Number of Placement Weeks Offered: 52 weeks,39 weeks, 39 weeks education, 52 weeks residential/respite
  • Reasons for support for young people: Learning disability, Visual impairment, Hearing impairment, Physical or motor impairment, Language or speech disorder, Autistic spectrum disorder, Social emotional and behavioural difficulty, Physical health problem, Looked after
  • Website:
  • Brief description: Highly specialised education, residential and respite services for children with severe and complex needs, supported on site by health professionals.

Contact Details:
Capability Scotland
Stanmore House School
ML11 7RR

Telephone: 01555 665041