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Helping your Child Access a First Class Education.

Independent schools want a rich and diverse student body. If your child has additional support needs, for example to manage Dyslexia, Dyscalculia or Dyspraxia, you’ll find most of the Scottish schools listed have a dedicated Support for Learning Department. 

How do I find out about ASN teaching capabilities at a school?

When you arrange a tour, or visit the Open Day, the Admissions Secretary will be able to arrange one-to-ones with key members of staff from the Support for Learning team. The aim will always be to give your child the extra resources, and teach them the strategies they need to get the most out of their education. 

Additional support

The Scottish Government’s Parentzone website offers up to date information on how schools plan for Additional Support Needs and what help is available. Enquire is the Scottish advice service for additional support for learning and their website provides excellent advice and information. 

Find a school that's right for your child.