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Independent Boards are responsible for the governance of independent schools in Scotland.


All independent schools are autonomous, and outside of local authority responsibility. 

They are overseen by independent boards of governors or directors, many also acting as trustees of a registered charity. 


Governors are volunteers and are required to act independently in the best interests of the school.

The school Head, teachers and support staff are employed by the Governors of the schools as the managing authority or proprietor of the school.  

All legal and regulatory duties are ultimately the responsibility of the Governing Board.  Every school will have in place a complaints procedure that is overseen by the Governing Board.


SCIS is keen to match schools seeking particular skills for their Governing Boards with candidates interested in serving on a school Board.

Please contact Lorraine Davidson at SCIS if you are interested.

Voluntary Board posts will be advertised for free on our Job Vacancies page.

See Professional Learning for upcoming courses for Governors.


Governance in Independent Schools