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Event Date

April 11, 2024

Event Cost


Non members fee - £150

Event Time

09:30 - 16:00



1 New Park Square,
1 Airborne Place
Edinburgh Park
EH12 9GR

To register for the waiting list, please email

Cancellation and refund policy

  • Cancellations must be advised by email 5 working days prior to the event.
  • A refund will not be granted if a registrant fails to attend or cancels within 5 working days prior to the event.
  • We welcome substitute delegates attending in your place at no additional cost.
  • Cancellations for residential courses must be advised 6 weeks prior to the event.

Event Description

The HSE Contractor Management Mock Trial depicts the prosecution of an organisation following an accident involving a contractor working at height. The trial will delve into crucial aspects such as the selection, vetting, appointment and management of contractors, while also considering the competencies required by employees to effectively oversee the contractor process.

This unscripted Mock Trial aims to explore the risks associated with engaging contractors, shedding light on how witnesses and evidence are scrutinised in a courtroom setting. It will also provide valuable insights into the relevant legal obligations and equip participants with practical knowledge to help their businesses avoid or defend against regulatory action arising from using contractors.

Led by an experienced Crown Court Recorder, this Mock Trial features specialist barristers representing the Prosecution and Defence. As a jury member, you will engage in group discussions at key stages throughout the trial. At the conclusion of the case, you will be called upon to provide a verdict on the company's guilt or innocence based on the evidence presented.

This Mock Trial is particularly suitable for those who are actively involved in funding, creating or implementing their school's health and safety strategy and/or contractor management processes.

 A clip of the Mock Trial is available to watch here:

 Spaces are limited, hence early booking recommended. 


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